Axara Consulting


Dr. Klaus Düring has a long-standing track-record with his firm Axara Consulting established in 2002. He is an experienced serial biotech and medtech entrepreneur. Since inception of his first biotech company (MPB Cologne GmbH, Germany) in 1998 he has developed or supported several life science and medtech companies and projects. Currently he actively operates two medical device companies (Alaxo GmbH and MaRVis Interventional GmbH).

Since 2002 Axara Consulting has been involved in projects covering e.g.

  • technology, product and corporate development
  • company foundation
  • business development and contract negotiations
  • financing and licensing activities
  • external business management
  • IP management and development
  • business plan development, market analysis and financial planning
  • strategic commercialization planning
  • production planning and realization
  • medical device approval in Europe (CE mark) and USA and implementation of quality management systems
  • marketing and sales of medical devices.

Before his business career Klaus Düring held responsible positions in public biotechnology research. He was educated as a chemist, biochemist, molecular biologist and molecular phytopathologist.

Based on his broad business and technological experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries Klaus Düring is able to offer his skills for the benefit of life science stakeholders by business and management consulting and coaching on the one hand and IP and commercialization projects on the other hand.


Axara Consulting offers broad spectrum business services including hands-on support to life sciences companies and institutions, start-up entrepreneurs, inventors and researchers, investors, and other organizations. Strategic and operational advice delivered is based on own operative business and entrepreneurial experience and on lessons learned from success and failure.

The scope of services comprises:

  • analysis, development and optimization of business and technology concepts
  • corporate strategy analysis and development
  • business plan development and optimization
  • corporate development (strategic and operative)
  • business development (strategic and operative)
  • general management (advising and hands-on)
  • strategic intellectual property development (patents, trade-marks, know-how, FTO, defense and opposition, corporate IP strategy)
  • product development and commercialization
  • marketing and sales of medical devices
  • project management
  • operational organization
  • finances and finance raising
  • external affairs (public relations, investor relations)
  • restructuring, crisis management (including insolvency)
  • coaching of start-up founders and company management and inventors/researchers
  • interim management.

Other needs of clients may be discussed.

Axara´s goals are:

  • to enhance your business performance
  • to facilitate transfer of novel products and technologies into commercial successes, and
  • to strategically support the development of the life sciences sector.

Dr. Klaus Düring